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Hamel Creative is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Salt Lake City, Utah that focuses on brand development and activation throughout a variety of medium and environments. We tell visual stories, forge strategic partnerships and ultimately strive to connect people to places, product and each other through compelling graphic communication, unique interactive experiences, and artistic expression of form and finish. At our core we crave authenticity and believe it’s our creative mandate to help every client achieve this sense of brand validity. 

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Fletcher Hamel | Principal Designer + Brand Strategist

With well over a decade of professional design experience, Fletcher brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to each of his projects. You can peruse his personal portfolio here.

He has been creatively involved in the conceptualization and production of a variety of large projects throughout the environmental design industry. Fletcher’s work includes several corporate partner brand activations within the professional and collegiate sporting arena, the conceptual design and roll-out of theming elements at a number of national and international theatre chains, along with client inspired custom lighting and furniture. Fletcher has also created a vast array of interpretive and interactive displays as well as wayfinding for museums, zoos, and other educational and community projects. He applies a user centered approach to his work, utilizing research and various design-thinking methodologies across a number of mediums to achieve a strategic and successful solution for all.